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No Win No Fee Claims: The Kinds of Claims Under The No Win No Fee System

No win no fee claims will be replacing the win/lose no fee by April 2013. The Ministry of Justice’s decision made the decision to reduce the number of fraudulent and exaggerated injury claims presented by claims management companies and personal injury lawyers. Some victims may suffer and be undercompensated depending on the type of claim they have. Here’s how the no win no fee claim system can affect the different kinds of claims.

1. PPI Claims
PPI claims can get customer repayments for a mis sold PPI. Claims management companies offer a standard no win no fee agreement with clients to reclaim PPI. The abolishment of the win/lose no fee claim will not affect PPI claiming much, as refunds, even if 25% is paid to the expert, will be sufficient enough for the customer without any other losses.

2. Medical Negligence
Medical negligence is a serious case a medical professional could commit that could cause severe damages to patients. The costs of medical negligence can reach £10 million including prolonged medical care. However, if the no win no fee claims system is implemented, victims may be undercompensated as the money may not be enough for medical procedures, supplies and sustenance.

3. Car Accidents
Car Accidents commonly include minor to severe injuries. Genuine whiplash compensation claims could leave victims undercompensated for the same reasons as medical negligence. Minor car accident injuries may leave the customer with enough money to compensate for their wages, but not their medical bills.

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