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Depression Tips: The Uselessness of Verbal Advice

The Internet today gives rise to many different “cultural terms” that only exist in social media or other forums. With the rise of these cultural terms, more specific terms have been developed to describe certain people. For example, an “askhole” is somebody who asks for advice and then later on, does the opposite of such an advice. Depressed people are usually “askholes” not because the advice was not fulfilled, but because a depressed person can easily forget what verbal advice had been given to them.

According to medical studies, depression can cause a person to become forgetful. Those with major depression may have trouble doing their duties, making decisions and their future actions. Their thoughts are also disorganized and memory coordination is out of the question. Clearly, anybody giving advice can consider the depressed person as an “askhole”.

However, it is a good way for depressed people to recuperate. Once they become fed up living in their regret or the trauma they felt, they will need to experience pain. Depression is pain because it is a mixture of frustration and disappointment. Without any way to express themselves, they start to hurt themselves. This might be fatal, but lesser fatal case, such as doing martial arts or shadow-boxing, actually helps alleviate the body simply because of the release of endorphins during physical activity.

Due to memory discord and forgetfulness, depressed people cannot make use of verbal advice from other people. In the end, they will need to learn how to rise up on their own with the support coming from their loved ones and friends.

Understanding the Value of Struggle

Most people say that they’re working hard today so that in the future, they can be happy. Indeed this is true. Life is a set of struggles and reliefs, happiness and depression, and success and failure. Without struggle, life can be meaningless. Without any struggle in your life, you’ll find that it is impossible to be happy at all.

Imagine that you’ve found the best, most relaxing and most comforting place to live on Earth. In the past, you used to come to the place occasionally and only if you have the time and resources to do so. Now that you live in such a place, you find that it has lost its allure; that you have gotten used to the place and you have implanted stresses, failures and hardships that you encounter living in the best place on Earth. Now it’s not too comforting right?

Without struggle, one cannot understand what it means to be happy. To be happy means to face struggle and succeed. Success influences happiness, pride and achievement for your struggle has paid off. When you get what you need from an investment, you get progress. In this case, you need to struggle first to realize how to be happy.

If one only lived in luxury and happiness for the rest of time, they would soon find it tiring. Sooner or later, they’ll realize that the only through struggle will they ever find the excitement f living, which is the ultimate source of happiness for any person.

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Creativity and Depression: How the Two Usually Interact

Creativity and Depression: How the Two Usually Interact

Creativity is innate in some people. But for some people who lack creativity, they might need inspiration. One thing that is innate in many humans is emotion. Humans are emotional creatures, but they have the ability to think and gauge their situation to make rational decisions. With emotion, even people who lack creativity, can be creative. With extreme emotion, one can be creative. One such strong emotion is depression.

When a person is depressed, one looks at a gloomy outlook towards the world. Depression is naturally caused by disillusion. Disillusion in a sense that things have changed undesirably for the person, or one of his or her dreams have been broken down to the point that it is virtually impossible to achieve. With this, a person develops a penchant for realism, cynicism and existentialism.

Creativity can develop in a depressed person if they find that they cannot do anything except to have their fingers and their bodies moving. Some people who become depressed can write songs. Others can paint and write stories about their experiences, or how they think things should be.

Depression can also be relieved by creativity. The creative product can serve as a mirror to the depressed, which can help them see their situation and realize what to do. This particular situation helps them develop both skill and grow themselves into better persons.

Depression also has its perks, but only if it does make a person creative. Extreme depression may not be as creative as it involves meaninglessness, death and severe malignancy, which can be fatal to the person and the people around him or her.

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