Creativity and Depression: How the Two Usually Interact

Creativity is innate in some people. But for some people who lack creativity, they might need inspiration. One thing that is innate in many humans is emotion. Humans are emotional creatures, but they have the ability to think and gauge their situation to make rational decisions. With emotion, even people who lack creativity, can be creative. With extreme emotion, one can be creative. One such strong emotion is depression.

When a person is depressed, one looks at a gloomy outlook towards the world. Depression is naturally caused by disillusion. Disillusion in a sense that things have changed undesirably for the person, or one of his or her dreams have been broken down to the point that it is virtually impossible to achieve. With this, a person develops a penchant for realism, cynicism and existentialism.

Creativity can develop in a depressed person if they find that they cannot do anything except to have their fingers and their bodies moving. Some people who become depressed can write songs. Others can paint and write stories about their experiences, or how they think things should be.

Depression can also be relieved by creativity. The creative product can serve as a mirror to the depressed, which can help them see their situation and realize what to do. This particular situation helps them develop both skill and grow themselves into better persons.

Depression also has its perks, but only if it does make a person creative. Extreme depression may not be as creative as it involves meaninglessness, death and severe malignancy, which can be fatal to the person and the people around him or her.

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